Sex is important for healthy married life

Performance at honeymoon is important to make an impact on relationship and to make it strong and consistent at
time goes by. However, it is important to recognize that couples who are dissatisfied with their sex lives end up in
divorce or engaging in illicit sexual liaisons. Couples who are happy with their sex lives tend to be happy with
other, nonsexual aspects of their marriage, how a couple resolves conflict, are also associated with marital sexual
satisfaction and frequency.

Some couple have high level of sexual satisfaction and desire for sexual activities which may develop into sex
problems. One or both partners may have difficulty with any of the following:lack of desire for or interest in sex,
arousal difficulties(lack of lubrication for women and erectile difficulties for men), orgasm./ejaculation difficulties
(premature ejaculation for men and inability to have orgasm for women), and painful intercourse.Sex therapies have
been developed to deal with these problems. Of these, lack of sexual desire is the most difficult to treat. In some
cases, this lack of sexual desire may indicate that something is wrong with the marriage.

The association between sexual activities and sexual satisfaction probably occurs because specific pleasurable
sexual interactions lead to sexual satisfaction, but also because a feeling of sexual satisfaction leads to the desire
for specific sexual interactions.

People who feel that their marriages are fair and equitable are more satisfied with their sex lives and report having
sex more often than those who feel that their relationships are inequitable. It is important to recognize that the
occurrence of arguments and conflicts is virtually inevitable in any marital relationship, yet the majority of married
men and women continue to have enjoyable sex.

A person who is not satisfied with either the quantity or the quality of marital sex may in turn become dissatisfied
with other aspects of the marriage.


Sexuality plays an important role in marital and other types of long-term, committed relationships’The amount of sex partners have, the kinds of sexual activities in which they engage, and how they communicate with each other about their needs, desires,preferences, and attitudes can have an enormous impact not only on what takes place in the bedroom but what happens in the rest of the house as well’

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